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Crowds and the New Startup Ecosystem

Now In Its 3rd Year.

Speakers from around the globe. Workshops on themes from crowdfunded realestate to crowdstorming. Conferencia Crowdsourcing continues its rapid growth.

The Rise of Expert Reputation Systems

Our recent report prepared for GigaOm Pro on the rapidly changing world of on-demand expertise. While search and social have made it easier than ever to find experts, reputation systems are enabling an ever increasing number of on-demand transactions. More on GigaOm Pro.

From mutopo co-founder, Shaun Abrahamson. Learn how to find the best ideasby working online with thousands of participants.

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Getting Started with Crowds and Communities

Organizations continue to expand the ways that they work with crowds. In fact, crowds and online communities are a core part of emerging social business trends. But which opportunities are right for your organization?

We use our understanding of crowdsourcing business model to identify the best opportunities.

Some examples of how we can work together

+ workshops – introductory examples of rapidly maturing crowd-enabled businesses

+ custom research – a public example report on crowds and innovation

Or you can join us at one of our annual public events such as Re:Working and Crowdsourcing Conference. The best way to get started is to set up a brief introductory call.

Crowd Powered Innovation

Access to large, diverse groups of stakeholders like experts and customers are increasingly a source of innovation (often called co-creation or open innovation). From global firms like P&G, GE and LEGO to startups like Threadless, Quirky and Giffgaff, crowds are increasingly a core part of finding and evaluating ideas. In fact we have written a book about these types of projects. (innovation and product developent)

Example engagements

+ developed an open challenge for the creation of low footprint apartment, which has been built in NYC. More via Life Edited.

+ we worked with a sports equipment manufacturer to develop a new helmet design. Today it is available for purchase.

+ we developed the BetaCup, sponsored by Starbucks,  to reduce the waste from paper coffee cups

Please contact us to learn more about crowd powered innovation and ideation.

Learn how to find great ideas by working online with thousands of participants. We’ll introduce you to key crowdstorming concepts and patterns. Then we’ll put them to work in a real project. Find out more about the crowdstorming online class.

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Crowd-Enabled Business Models

As a result of increasingly low cost connections, crowds are becoming an important gateway to many key resources. In particular, crowds can be a source of finance (crowdfunding), assets (collaborative consumption)  and data (collective intelligence). We draw on more than a decade of experience with early stage firms via direct investment as well as advisory roles.

Example engagements

+ early involvement in the development of one of the largest global emerging media and technology events

+ ongoing advisory for an early stage firm to test measurement and reward structures

+ research identifying how crowds can transform publishing and retail businesses

+ we have also shared public research on crowd-enabled business models

Please contact us to learn more about crowd-enabled business models.

Crowdfunding is much more than a new source of funding.

We led the Life Edited crowdstorm phase to find the best low footprint apartment ideas. This is the end result – an ultra low footprint apartment in NYC.