Taming Complexity with Collective Intelligence

As insurance products become more numerous and complex, how do stakeholders keep up with the changes? We’re working with a leading insurer to combine next generation helpdesk and answer platforms to improve everything from training to better routing of critical questions.

Re:Brick / Brick.to – LEGO brick reuse program

There is a massive global supply of LEGO bricks. And there is also massive demand ,but not everyone can afford them. The question – could we find an efficient approach to tap into the massive global LEGO brick supply to get the bricks to those that want them?

More Innovation from Open Innovation

Our construction client has developed a multi-channel approach to open innovation spanning expert partnerships, innovation brokers, customer co-creation and even a variation on speed dating. Mutopo worked with this client find ways to get more usable ideas focused on the medium term – from new benchmark engagement data and recruiting approaches to refinements to evaluation and brief processes, we’re helping our client get more from an already mature open innovation approach.

LifeEdited Global Innovation Challenge

We worked with Treehugger founder Graham Hill to design and build an ultra-low footprint apartment. The objective was to showing how with a reduced footprint of 80% people can live better & save money. Participants were invited to submit ideas – with the best designers working with Graham to build the apartment. Life Edited was supported by: Cisco, Treehugger, Core77, Architizer, Resource Furniture, Green Depot, Mechoshade, Amina, NRDC, Voltaic Systems, Strida and Crowdbrite. Learn more about the project here.

New Approaches to Old Problems

We worked with Latin America’s leading e-commerce services company to explore new ways to to solve core challenges for a fast growing e-commerce group.

Rethinking Customer Roles in Recycling

We were excited to work with a large beverage maker along withMcCann Worldgroup to understand how they might help dramatically increase reuse and recycling of plastic bottles. We focused our efforts on understanding why we found that while 80% of people claim to recycle, recycle rates remain at 30% in the United States. The surprising results led to some interesting new ideas about how to increase recycle rates. [currently in development].

Get the greatest player to the greatest city

Noooooo! We were shocked, when he chose the Heat (stranger things have happened, like an Octopus predicting FIFA World Cup football winners). More than 6,000 people joined the movement on Facebookjoined by Mayor Bloomberg along with celebrities pledging everything from Batali meals for 20 to co-hosting The Today Show.  We had a lot of fun working with BBH New York and NYC & Company to get the community organized both on- and offline. Big thanks to the NYC sports fans for making this happen.

Art + Analytics for Blue Man Group

We are excited to be working with the Blue Man Group along with our friends from Neutron and Good Day Monsters. Our role: Research and test ways to add a digital layer to Blueman Group experiences while giving them the type of feedback they are used to in real world interactions. We focused on simply ways to bring fans together [you’ll have to wait for more information as these ideas are currently in development].

Social Innovation Challenge

To create a coffee cup with the advantages of paper cups and none of the landfill. We organized the betacup with Toby Daniels as an open challenge to solve this growing problem. After 403 ideas and over 10 million media impressions in the idea challenge phase, the best idea was prototyped (aka the ‘Karma Cup’). Read Core77’s write-up of the results. The challenge was sponsored by Starbucks and supported by Core77JovotoDenuoGood Day Monsters and our individual advisors and supporters.

For McDonald’s – a fictional team comes alive

Dreaming in Mono is a story produced by McDonald’s in the Nordics about one man’s dream to prove that one ski (monoski) is better than two. Mutopo focused on enabling people (customers, employees) to participate in the story beyond the hour-long show from Facebook and Twitter to live Speed Milkshake Drinking events, Team Monoski gear and sponsorship partners. Learn more about Dreaming in Mono.

Helping a few create global events for many

We co-produced the debut 2010 event; the next Social Media week takes place from Sept 19-23rd in Berlin, London, New York, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and Toronto. Events are selected by local organizers in coordination with the communities in their cities – together they define the sponsorship structure (all events are free) and the appropriate format for the event.

Social production for protective gear

Triple Eight has been making skateboarding protective gear for more than 10 years. We worked with Triple 8 on everything from search engine and site optimization to a helmet design contest (take a look at the results). Now we’re focused on creating new products using Social Production – from specific tasks like helmet designs to new product development.

Discovery Channel social web tool for Earthday

Discovery Channel Espanol hired us to help motivate their viewers to make 3 simple eco-changes in their lives that can make a difference, and then inspire 3 friends to do the same. We did the social application planning, development management, online outreach including “influencer” outreach and ongoing measurement, monitoring and conversation management. 3 Pasos 3 Personas received a 2009 Beacon Award for Multicultural Public Relations.

The Redken story & product samples as currency

We explored the brand history interviewing key people who helped to create the organization and the brand and developed story and produced video for a 50 year retrospective. We also studied how product samples can be used as currency for social production tasks from idea contributions to rating, ranking and sharing.